Uptake of Mental Health Support by Ukrainian Refugees in Germany

Joint work with Alexandra Avdeenko (World Bank), Luc Behaghel (Paris School of Economics, INRAE), Esther Duflo (Massachussets Institute of Technology), Yagan Hazard (Collegio Alberto), Alexander Moldavski (ZI Mannheim), and Nicolas Rüsch (Ulm University).

We develop and evaluate the effectiveness of interventions designed to address self-stigma and increase the uptake of mental health support among those Ukrainian refugees who are in need of such support.

Using a novel social media based approach, and custom developed dissemination and measurement tools, we compare two message concepts and two dissemination approaches in a randomized controlled experiment (RCT).

The interventions and experiment are carried out in partnership with established institutions in Germany. Extensions to other countries may be possible at a later date.

Artur Obminski
Artur Obminski
PhD Candidate in Economics